Abscess GONE!


PEMF to the rescue…again!

An abscessed tooth is an infection within a tooth that has spread to the root The infection originates from the tooth’s inner chamber (the pulp chamber) that contains blood vessels, nerves and connective tissue. Bacteria enter through a dental cavity, a cracked tooth or through extended deantl work The bacteria build up in the pulp and create pus. The infection will drain but often times can lead to further infection.

GB is an active 8 year old. She is having dental work done for the overcrowding “issue” in her mouth. As her mouth widens, little pockets of space are created to accommodate all of her incoming adult teeth. These spaces take time to heal and create new bone growth.

GB was vacationing at a cottage on a lake in early July. Her daily activities included swimming! A few days after the vacation, she developed a large abscess that was very painful and full of pus. A visit with the dentist prompted a prescription for antibiotics. She has developed an infection from bacteria found in the lake! Her mother wanted to wait a few days and see if her body would fight the infection on its own. On the subsequent dental follow up, she not only had the abscess on her tooth, she had also developed swelling on the other side of her face (on the gums)…was the infection spreading? It seemed so.

Antibiotics were now the course of treatment. 3 days later and another visit with the dentist, the abscess had gotten worse! The dentist said that the antibiotics were not working (the infection should have cleared by that point).

At her wits end, GB’s mother used PEMF directly on GB’s face through the “wand”. With only ONE treatment per day her mouth completely healed in 3 days. The family as well as GB’s healthcare team were thrilled with the results!

PEMF therapy to the rescue again!

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PEMF therapy is natural and safe for individuals of all ages, including children, the elderly and even pets.

There are no negative side effects to PEMF use.

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