Do you need a great gift idea for your loved one this Valentine’s Day? Give the gift of wellness! We are offering something fabulous to you, our valued clients that you can gift to that special someone. When you purchase your next 10 session PEMF package, we will gift you with one FREE PEMF session for yourself AND

Seqex and Injuries


A great testimonial from someone who uses their body a lot (sports and work): “During my visit to Toronto this past summer, I had some time to try out Seqex. I had several injuries from sports such as hockey and soccer, and pains from work. My most severe injury was the one in my right

Abscess GONE!


PEMF to the rescue…again! An abscessed tooth is an infection within a tooth that has spread to the root The infection originates from the tooth’s inner chamber (the pulp chamber) that contains blood vessels, nerves and connective tissue. Bacteria enter through a dental cavity, a cracked tooth or through extended deantl work The bacteria build

HALF OFF in September!


A great healthcare routine is now MORE rewarding! We are so excited to have everyone back from their summer holidays and would love to see our Health Harmonies family keep growing. For the month of September, we are offering you, our valued clients a fabulous deal! Refer someone to Health Harmonies and get rewarded. Here’s

Along with our already fabulous lineup of PEMF services, we are also offering a new adjunct therapy. The ONDAMED is a unique technology with a personalized treatment approach to many of our clients’ health concerns. The ONDAMED may be used separately from our other PEMF devices however, health results are greatly accelerated when the therapies are

John and Kathleen have been patients at Health Harmonies since 2015. John is 75 years of age and has suffered from ongoing back pain for many years. After 4 PEMF sessions, Jack says “TRY IT! Iif you were closer, I’d be here every day. I noticed a difference in my fingers too!” Kathleen uses PEMF

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