The story of a young girl’s third head injury… Date of last head injury: June 2016 A very healthy 15year old 6’2 165lb Junior Elite basketball player, scouted for last 4 years for division 1 US basketball scholarship. This was the girl’s 3rd head injury, first as a 4yr old fell from top of 8th

Thank you Health Harmonies Collingwood  for being there.  After breaking my ankle last year I was unable to participate in the Niagara Falls Women’s Half marathon.  My recovery was very slow and I was not comfortable going downstairs as I did not have the full motion and my ankles seemed to lock up.  Physiotherapy or

This is an interesting article that we though you would appreciate. Included is a link to the full article: click here. From Dr. Mercola… Did you know that a significant percentage of the diseases we now face is related to an artifact of electricity? In this interview, Dr. Sam Milham, author of “Dirty Electricity: Electrification


“My experience at Health Harmonies was a critical and important part of my early healing journey following an extraordinarily painful fall and broken wrist. My pain was notably reduced and the speed of the bone mending increased. Travel from Toronto to Newmarket was well worthwhile for this treatment! A game changer for me. I felt

“I love going to Health Harmonies. I suffered with body pain after cancer treatments, after only a few treatments on the PEMF beds, I had a great reduction in pain. I was able to stop my pain medication. I now have increased energy and can think more clearly. The people who work at Health Harmonies


The feedback we receive from our clients is just wonderful. Here is a good one from Pat A: “Two weeks ago while hastily rushing to give a guest an iron legged stand with a ceramic tile top, I stumbled and the stand crashed on my big right toe. Very painful but I continued quilting with

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