Healing with PEMF


Healing is the restoration of health; it is the ability to make whole once again the individual that is unbalanced, diseased or damaged.

When one is impaired by injury or disease, healing involves the repair of tissue and organs so that the being can resume normal function.

Let’s understand how this works:

The process of healing requires a great deal of cellular communication, adaptation (response to environmental changes) and ENERGY.  All cells participate in basic cell functions like ATP production (cellular energy), nutrient absorption, waste removal, regeneration, and specific functions based on cell location.  Each cell goes through thousands of chemical reactions every second.   With this enormous cellular activity, it is imperative that each cell maintains an appropriate voltage – it is only through the maintenance of a high voltage in the range of 80-100 millivolts that each cell can function at this optimal level.

Over time and for many reasons such as a toxic environment, stress, illness and the aging process, our cells lose their ability to function at their highest potential.  When cellular voltage around a cell drops, there is literally not enough energy for the cell to function properly, leading to a domino effect of disease causing factors.  Chronic disease is a result of reduced functioning at the cellular level.

How can we help?

ALL cellular functions require a great deal of electrical energy.  Research is showing that most cell types can be stimulated to repair, regenerate, and heal themselves. Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy jump starts the healing process in the body at the cellular level.  Since magnetic fields interact with and increase natural electrical charges, PEMF therapy assists with a cell’s optimal functioning; increasing cellular communication, improving energy and moving the tissues towards stability through repair and regeneration.

PEMF therapy works on the electrical imbalances of cells and elevates them to a more normalized condition by improving ion exchange.  PEMF therapy influences cell behavior by introducing a magnetic field around and within the cell.  This increases the cell’s electrical energy and allows for faster absorption of nutrients and quicker elimination of waste products.  PEMF therapy improves metabolic systems, increases blood and oxygen supply, activating and regenerating cells in the body.

The energy waves from PEMF can leave you feeling rejuvenated and could change the way your body copes with pain and healing.  The aim of PEMF therapy is to increase your cellular function, so the body can operate as it is meant to resulting in great health!

PEMF therapy is a natural and safe therapy for individuals of all ages, including children, the elderly and even pets.  There are no negative side effects to PEMF use.


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