Welcome to Health Energies Newmarket, where we take a natural approach to wellness.  Through the use of PEMF therapy, we help you achieve your health goals in a gentle, non-invasive, safe and a highly effective manner.  Ours is the only studio of its kind in Ontario to be offering a variety of PEMF devices at a very reasonable rate.

Our office hours are: Monday and Thursday 10am – 8pm, Tuesday and Wednesday 10am-6pm & Friday and Saturday 10am – 5pm

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16600 Bayview Ave., #208  Newmarket, ON L3X 1Z9
Telephone: 905.235.7330
email: newmarket@healthenergies.com


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Please note that these products are available for you to purchase in person at our Newmarket location.  For your convenience we have shared them here with you.  If you have questions or would like to purchase something, please feel free to call us or come to our studio where we are happy to help you!

Small Colloidal Silver: excellent anti-pathogen.  $25 (60 ml soft spray bottle)

Large Colloidal Silver: excellent anti-pathogen  $50 (500ml)

Colloidal Gold $65

Small Salt Lamp $24

Medium Salt Lamp $32

Large Salt Lamp $40

Extra Large Salt Lamp $75

XXL Salt Lamp $90

Jumbo Salt Lamp $120

Himalayan Foot Detox Lamp $80

Himalayan Salt Lamp for Computer $20

Himalayan Rock Salts $.50 each

Himalayan Salt Sole $5

Himalayan Bath Salts, various natural scents $12.95

Himalayan Pink Table Salt $10

Calendula Cream $16

Handmade Eye pillows $25
Handmade Neck Pillows $40

Himalayan Foot Detox Lamp $80

Ozonated Olive Oil Small $35, large: $50

SOeSsence Cream for pets $16

vcc vHi! We’re Kim and Jackie, two sisters from Collingwood and we own and operate Health Energies, Collingwood. We decided to open our wellness studio after the success Kim had with PEMF therapy.

In her twenties, Kim was diagnosed with the auto-immune disease sarcoidosis, asthma, gum disease and glaucoma. Then in 2007 she was in a car accident that left her with severe damage to her back and discs. In July 2013 she began PEMF therapy and she is now off the prescription medicine, pain free, healthy and most importantly happy with life.

We opened Health Harmonies (first location in Newmarket) so that more people could have access to this amazing technology and benefit from it, like Kim and her family did. We are passionate about helping people take control of their health and lives with PEMF therapy.



Kim Sartor

Kim Sartor, author, entrepreneur, and motivational speaker has appeared on a variety of TV shows such as the Early Show with Bryant Gumble, CTV Ottawa, Breakfast Television Toronto, TVO with Heather Dietrich, Lisa Live with Lisa Petty, Sue London, Barrie CTV Morning Show and many radio interviews and daytime television interviews. Kim loves life and plans to bring good health back to people that are ready for a change in medicine.

Kim also brought whole body vibration studios across Canada and the United States to help people bring good health back. These studios were shown on CNN, Canada AM, Fox news, just to name a few.

Kim was diagnosed 20 years ago with an auto immune disease called sarcoidosis and then in 2007 had a car accident that caused bulging discs in her lower back and neck with sciatica, she was also under laser treatments for glaucoma that very same year. In 2012 she was diagnosed with asthma and prescribed 50 milligrams of prednisone three times and two puffers, Ventolin and symbicort. She was introduced to pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF) by a former work associate and to her amazement, she is no longer taking any medication and her test results are normal. No more back pain, no more wheezing, no more asthma attacks, and no more eye problems.

Kim is now taking this to the next level bringing pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF) to existing businesses, that want to increase their abilities to help clients and patients. The sports world and every-day people that need to improve their health.

She wants to educate people on the harms of electro smog, cell phones, Wi-Fi, and how to protect you from these invisible waves. Also educate on the radiation and electromagnetic field exposure of clock radios, portable phones, cell phones etc. Very recently there have been shows talking about cell phones and Wi-Fi on Doctor OZ, Dr Sanja Gupta and Dr Weil.

Kim has also authored a new book called SHOCKING. The purpose of her book is to educate people on the harms of electro smog and offer a suggestion on how to protect themselves from these invisible waves.


Jackie Sartor-King

Jackie Sartor-King is a woman driven by her compassion and desire to genuinely help others. Shooting for the stars is what Jackie continually strives for.

Jackie’s entrepreneurial life began at the tender age of 12 when she landed a contract to supply fridge magnets across Canada. In later years Jackie, ventured into the field of technology by producing software for engineers and working with the Department of Defense in the US. Providing them with information and training CD’s.

She is also the creator of the award winning “official learning software of the NFL”— Football Made EZ. This was the first in a series of sports CD-ROM that grew to include NHL, NASCAR and FIFA ‘s women’s World Cup.

Jackie is passionate because she really does care about people. Even at a very young age she always took to elderly people talking to them learning from them. What she is doing now, showing people this wonderful technology makes her feel so happy and complete because she sees the results with people pretty quickly on their journey to feeling better. This is not like work to her. For Jackie, sharing the story of PEMF and what it can do is something she feels obligated to share with people. “I know this PEMF technology works because I have seen it heal my own family. Now I just want to get it out there to anyone and everyone that is not living the best quality of life because they are not healthy.”


Address : 20 Portland Street, Collingwood, ON L9Y 0W7
Telephone: 705.293.2301


Please get in touch with your questions, we are happy to  answer them!

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For any product purchase, please contact Kim or Jackie: collingwood@healthenergies.com

Tel: 705.293.2301

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