October Feature: Colloidal Silver


It’s officially cold season! Let’s discuss how to combat the cold with colloidal silver.

Silver is an element that compliments the body’s natural immune defenses by providing exceptional protection against bacteria, fungi, parasites and viruses without harmful side effects.

How does it work? Silver disables the oxygen-metabolizing enzyme that one-celled bacteria, fungi and viruses use to reproduce themselves. The pathogen therefore suffocates and is eliminated from one’s body.

Colloidal Silver and PEMF: Silver has the highest conductivity of any element and has a stimulating effect on the electrical functions of the body. Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy’s effects are greatly enhanced through its use!

Is it safe? Water soluble silver (colloidal silver) is safe for adults, children, pregnant woman, the elderly, pets and even plants. It is odourles, tasteless, non-stinging and does not react with any medication. It improves digestion and aids in the regeneration of damaged cells.

History: silver has been used for thousands of years in healing practices. It is used in hospitals for sanitation and with NASA for water purification.

Most people use silver as an anti-pathogenic substance to promote healing and fight off disease in the body. It may be taken internally or externally for skin related issues.

Ingredients: 15 ppm, high voltage AC produced.

You can get your Colloidal Silver here at Health Harmonies Newmarket!

Cost: $35 for a large glass bottle and $18 for a small spray bottle.


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