PEMF and Neuralgia


Neuralgia is severe pain that comes from a damaged nerve.   The pain associated with neuralgia can be quite severe and may include burning, stabbing or shooting sensations. The damaged nerve may be located anywhere in the body but most commonly in the face and neck.  What happens to the nerve?  The body’s nerves are protected by a coating called: myelin sheath.  When the myelin sheath is damaged, the nerve becomes exposed and pain sets in.  The causes of nerve damage (neuralgia) may include and are not limited to: disease (diabetes, multiple sclerosis), shingles, infection or older age.

AQ is an elderly male.  He had been suffering from neuralgia on the left side of his face for the past 20 years.  Other symptoms that accompanied this patient’s neuralgia included lethargy, difficulty speaking and extreme pain.  After ONLY 3 sessions with pulsed electromagnetic field therapy at Health Harmonies Newmarket, AQ remarks “I feel like I have my life back”!  One of our associates describes AQ as being able to tell jokes again!  AQ’s symptoms are markedly improved and we look forward to seeing even greater results in our patient!

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