Eli K is a 73 year old woman with severe arthritis. I have known her for years as a dynamic, energetic, productive individual. In the recent past, I saw that she had started using a walker…something that troubled me. She was simply unable to move and function as she had all of her previous years.

Dear friends, It’s that time of year again…the kids are back in school, fall is around the corner and everyone is getting back into a healthy routine. Have you made time for Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy in your life this month? PEMFs deliver beneficial frequencies into your body slowing the aging process and ultimately

DNAFit is not another lab test. We integrate your DNA as a powerful new tool in the battle for optimum health and fitness, to create your own ideal activity and nutrition plan. The DNAFit Fitness report is designed for people of any fitness level. Whether you are an absolute beginner just wanting to train the

Shocking – the book

Shocking by Kim Sartor

Today unlike any other time in history, our bodies are bombarded by low frequencies caused by the concrete jungle and the bombardment of man-made electromagnetic energy – electrosmog.  The solution is Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMFT). PEMFT uses the natural magnetic field of the earth within the human bodies range of 0-30Hz to pulsate and charge

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