John and Kathleen have been patients at Health Harmonies since 2015. John is 75 years of age and has suffered from ongoing back pain for many years. After 4 PEMF sessions, Jack says “TRY IT! Iif you were closer, I’d be here every day. I noticed a difference in my fingers too!” Kathleen uses PEMF

Arthritis is a series of health disorders that affect a person’s joints. Common symptoms include pain, swelling, stiffness, redness of the skin, warmth and a decreased range of motion. Symptoms may range from mild to very severe. The onset of symptoms can be gradual or sudden. Typically, if not treated, the symptoms will get worse over

The story of a young girl’s third head injury… Date of last head injury: June 2016 A very healthy 15year old 6’2 165lb Junior Elite basketball player, scouted for last 4 years for division 1 US basketball scholarship. This was the girl’s 3rd head injury, first as a 4yr old fell from top of 8th