UVC Lighting

Upright Room Sanitizers

Space-500 & Space-1000: Mobile UVC Robots

These devices are equipped for the security of its users with multiple motion sensors that will shut-off the device in the presence of any motion. The devices all have preset off control that allows the user to set the timing and leave the room without any exposure.

Handheld Sanitizers

Handheld Trio: 20W, 40W and 100W Models

High-power, handheld UVC wands of different lengths that have a controlled exposure area to protect users. Mainly for surface sanitization of corners, doors, handles, toilets, etc. Devices can also be mounted on a wifi-controlled outlet to be used when no humans are present—either hanging from a ceiling, wall or sitting upright vertically on its
balanced supports.

Circulating Air Sanitizers

Sanitex-1200: Reduce Airborne Virus Count

Forced-air circulation inside an enclosed cabinet with UVC lamps, this mobile unit can be located anywhere to reduce the airborne pathogen count by recirculating  treated air at least 5 times per hour. People operating in the room are not exposed to dangerous UVC light. Ideal for restaurants, clinics, business entrance lobbies, schools, and other high-traffic meeting places where a reduction of airborne pathogens requires ongoing treatment.

Air Duct Germ Control

Air Duct Units: UVC-10 & UVC-15

Air duct mounted UVC devices reduce pathogens in HVAC systems wherever there is a central air-moving system present.

UVC air ducts were originally invented by our manufacturing company and put to use in 1992, supplied to hospices for the critically ill, elder housing facilities, dental clinics, as well as to sick buildings with air quality issues.