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Welcome to Health Energies

We are the only studio of its kind in Canada!

We offer a natural approach to great health. At Health Energies, we use only non-invasive therapies from around the world, that restore balance to your body from the inside out. Seqex PEMF/ICR, Ondamed frequency biofeedback and our 3 light therapy devices are all licensed by Health Canada as medical or wellness devices. The devices we use come from Canada, Italy, Germany and Switzerland.

Kim Sartor and Jackie Sartor King are the founders of Health Energies have travelled to Italy over 20 times! They have also been to Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France, Portugal, England, Mexico, Costa Rica and other places to discover what other countries are doing to integrate these devices in their medical systems.

“The future of Medicine will be Frequencies” ~ Albert Einstein

“PEMF will be the paradigm shift of medicine from pediatrics to geriatrics” ~ Linus Pauling 2 Nobel Peace Prize Winner

“If you want to understand the secrets to the universe you need to think in terms of frequency, energy and vibration”. ~ Nicola Tesla. The inventor of the Tesla coil that is used in the pulsed electromagnetic field, ion cyclotron resonance devices and plasma lighting.

We offer a variety of frequency and light therapy modalities at an affordable rate. We like to call it the triple threat… Healing with natural Forces through Physics!

Seqex – Ion Cyclotron Resonance, harnessing the earth’s magnetic field into therapeutic form.

Plasma-Arc Light – Photo-biomodulation / Low Laser Light therapy, which has is powered within the sun’s energy of 600 to 1200 nanometers. ACNE Lite Blue Light (suns natural lighting that is 405 to 415 nanometers for acne)

UVB Vitamin D Phototherapy – Safe fluorescent lighting within 310 to 311 nanometers (within the sun’s field) to produce up to 25,000 IU of Vitamin D in 4 minutes.

If you haven’t yet read about the amazing results that people have been receiving through the use of these devices, you will here! Health Energies is committed to providing our clients with up to date research in the area of frequency therapies. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive our monthly updates including the our FREE live, virtual trainings!